Ogden Schools: Barker, Smith, Wilkinson, Hueton advance to November election

Tuesday , June 26, 2018 - 11:15 PM

OGDEN — Doug Barker and David Smith will face each other in the November election, as both candidates pulled ahead of a third candidate Tuesday in the Ogden School Board District 2 primary race. 

According to unofficial results, Barker received 42 percent of the votes and Smith got 32 percent. Oscar Mata, the third candidate in the race, received 26 percent.

Barker, the incumbent, was first elected to the board in 2014. He said he wants to follow through and pass a new bond that will be used to upgrade some elementary school buildings. 

“I do appreciate the people that voted for me and I think people like what I’ve been doing and they support me on that effort,” Barker said. “We need to pass the bond and get the elementary schools the way we need to have them.”

He said that, if elected in November, he would like to also help to improve the security within the schools and bring back the students that have left the district. 

“I want to see that change,” Barker said. “I want to see our students back.”

Smith, a retired teacher from Ogden School District, said he hopes his experience in the classroom will keep helping him gain the support of voters all the way through the November election. 

“I had a long career with Ogden School District and I hope I get to extend it,” Smith said. “I’ve had a long career in the classroom and I think I can use that experience to help the district move forward.”

In Ogden School Board District 4, a Weber State University instructor and an engineer were the two candidates elected to face each other in the November election. 

According to unofficial results, Sunni Wilkinson, the instructor, received 50 percent of the votes and Iain Hueton received 28 percent. Sheldon Cheshire, the third candidate, received 22 percent.

Wilkinson said she is excited to learn more about the issues affecting her district. 

“I have visited most of the elementary schools now and in the fall I’ll finish visiting the elementary schools, and I want to visit the junior high and the high schools so that I’ve been in the campus of every single school,” Wilkinson said. “I really want to represent my district well and be fair to the people.”

The winner between Wilkinson and Hueton in November will replace Ogden School Board president Jeff Heiner, who is not running for re-election.

“There’s lots of talks about the good things that are going on in the school district and I don’t deny that, but other districts are improving at a faster rate,” Hueton said. “We have to do something different. More of the same can’t correct the challenges that the Ogden School District faces.”

He said he is looking forward to a positive race against Wilkinson. 

“I think that, with her involvement, she has been a positive influence,” Hueton said. “(But) I don’t think she is willing to push the district in a new direction.”

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